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Best Espresso Machine according to Nichiren's Coffee House

Finding a top espresso machine can be a grueling task, so our team of specialist product testers set out to find the best machine for you! Everyone knows that a perfect day begins with a perfect cup of coffee, and although it seems easy enough to make yourself a cup, crafting the ideal energy boost is a challenging task. The only way that you can make a consistently good cup of coffee, aside from training as a barista, is to buy a best espresso machine.

This is a quite complex task, because as we found, there is a great variation in quality of machines. We have split espresso machines into subs-sections, so that you can get an idea of what you want, and what sort of price range that would be.

Best Espresso Machines Comparison Tab

We understand that not everyone has time to read our following detailed reviews, so we have created this tab to compare the top 5 espresso machines. We list some key features of each machine to give you a better understanding and hope this can help you choose the machine that suits your needs quickly.

  • Breville BES870XL
  • Nespresso D40-US-SI-NE Inissia
  • Nespresso Pixie
  • KAMIRA Moka
  • UniTerra Nomad


  • Built in bean grinder, which is handy, as well as bean storage.
  • Easy to use dials to select the grind size, as well as grind amount. You can also change the filter size with a button.
  • 54mm tamper.
  • Hands-free grinding cradle.
  • 54mm stainless steel porta-filter.
  • 67 fl. oz. removable water tank.
  • Volumetric control.
  • Espresso pressure gauge.
  • Thermo-coil heating system.
  • Clean me light.
  • 360-degree swivel action steam wand.
  • Auto purge function.
  • Removable drip tray

Nespresso D40-US-SI-NE Inissia

  • Compact and colorful design.
  • Espresso and lungo.
  • High pressure pump.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • Instant enjoyment with a welcome set with 16 capsules containing individual aromas.
  • Nespresso capsule system.
  • Nespresso club membership.

 Nespresso Pixie

  • Compact design and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Espresso and lungo.
  • High pressure pump.
  • Empty water tank alert.
  • Instant enjoyment with a welcome set with 16 capsules containing individual aromas.
  • Nespresso capsule system.
  • Nespresso club membership.


  • Hand crafted in Italy.
  • Long lasting and recyclable.
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Very authentic, not only Italian but also uses coffe beans
  • No electronic parts.
  • Costs less than an electric espresso maker.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Cost effective.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Does not use expensive coffee pods.

 UniTerra Nomad

  • Micro-lever architecture.
  • Eliminates the need for electricity or batteries.
  • Does not need costly, wasteful disposable cups and capsules.
  • Small size and weight.
  • Perfect extraction.
  • Interactive pressure control.
  • True crema valve.

How to Choose A Best Espresso Machine

It’s really tough to find the best espresso maker as there are so many on the market, which means there is a hidden war between manufacturers, who instead of focusing on quality, have focused on who can get the cheapest product. Not only will we talk about price, but it is also important to know, which machine you are going to have the best and great coffee. There are three main types of espresso making machines:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Fully-Auto Machines
  • Super-Automatic

Semi-Automatic Machines are easily one of the most popular types of machines for the home, which is where the vast majority of people consume coffee. It was first introduced by Achilles Gaggia’s 1983 patent, and the design boasts an electrical pump which results in even, consistent water pressure as it can read and decide when to switch on and off, because the temperature of the boiler controls are automated.

Fully-Automatic Machines are fairly similar to semi-automatic, the only difference being one has the included electronic control, which can regulate the amount of water that passes through the espresso, and the other cannot. Often in fully automatic there is an included redundant semi-automatic controls, which means one can mimic the other, whilst the other one cannot.

Super-Automatic Machines are the rolls Royce’s of espresso machines, and they have a lot of clever features. They are so good that their blend is well sought after, and they brew a fantastic cup! These are by far the most prestigious machines in the market, and for serious coffee drinkers, they are an essential part to their life.

Before buying an espresso maker, you need to decide exactly what you want in your machine, and how you will be using it. Another thing you need to be sure of is what types of drinks you are looking for to make, for example do you like cappuccino, straight espresso or is it a mix? Not only do you need to decide what sort of drink you need, but you should consider what quantity you will be making them in. If you make 10 a day, there is no point buying a cheap espresso machine, which can’t accommodate for all of that use. You would be much better off by buying a durable machine that can keep up with the constant use. These are all things that you need to think about before you decide on a good espresso making machine.

Espresso Machine Reviews

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Review

Coffee making is both famous for being a craft and a science, as it requires you to delicately and precisely change each of the inputs such as grind size, grind amount etc. However, even beginner learners and would-be baristas can pull an impeccable shot from the Breville Barista Express. For beginners, it accompanies two dual-wall, pressurized filters that manage the pressure and improve the extraction. For more experienced baristas, this model incorporates two single-wall, non-pressurized filters that give you more space to try various things with different grind sizes, grind amounts and tamping pressure. As either an intense training or a continuation study, it gives you free reign investigate the specialty of coffee making.

In addition to its unified burr grinder, Breville BES870XL has an Italian made 15 bar pump control and thermos-coil heating system, which guarantees exact regulation of water temperature for a full-seasoned coffee. The pre-brew function and flat showerhead ensure that the water is ideally distributed through the coffee puck, and this creates a consistent blend.

Overall it is a best home espresso machine, and it has a stainless steel 360-degree swivel-action steam wand for lattes and cappuccinos. For beginners and experienced baristas alike, the Barista Express makes great coffee available and simple to make.

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Nespresso D40-US-SI-NE Inissia Review

This model is one of the best semi-automatic espresso machines. This is a nifty and cute espresso maker, and it has a tiny footprint. The compact and ergonomic design make this ideal for any coffee lover who also values aesthetics.

We love the fact that the coffee machine can be used in a hurry, because it does not require you to warm up the machine for a long time before use, and you simply wait 25 seconds, and it is ready to go. I can do up to 9 cups of coffee on this timing, which we feel is more than enough.

The simple, yet effective Nespresso Inissia brings a barista-grade experience to the consumer market, and the simplicity, yet high-quality is why it is so popular

It has many handy features that work together to make a wonderful machine, and we especially love the fact that the tray, which can accommodate a large cup, drops down to catch drips.

Overall we love the fact that the capsules are so easy to insert, and they take no time at all to be ready and working. The super-fast brewing time is why we love this, and it is also incredibly energy efficient, because of the alert system, and because it is so simple, it is very easy to clean.

Nespresso Pixie Review

This particular model offers cutting edge outline with style and functionality. It boasts an extensive variety of cutting edge features, and the Pixie is also incredibly energy efficient, with a shockingly compact design, which makes it ideal for cramped spaces. It is clear that this was designed with efficiency in mind, and it does the job fantastically. The package also includes a complementary set of 16 capsules, which will get you up and running just fine. The power cable is rather long, at 1 meter, and this gives you some flexibility as to how you use it in your house.

The rear water pack is on the small side, however the design they incorporated makes it look sleek and stream-lined, and it has a max hold of 800ml. Although the water pack is smaller, it’s marginally heavier than some of the other machines, and it weighs 3kg, but we felt this made it a more solid, and long-term option. If you want to get a super-automatic espresso machine, then this can be your best choice.

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KAMIRA Moka Express Review

KAMIRA Moka Express brings a taste of Italy to your door, and the manufacturer is actually Italian. Because of where it originates from, you know it will be high quality, and this authentic barista brand is becoming very popular. This is a unique coffee maker, and unlike all of the dull, bland competition, the KAMIRA will give you a creamy texture, which makes it different from your usual, run-of-the-mill espresso makers.

It takes just 30 to 40 seconds to get ready, and the fast time means you can have virtually on demand coffee, whenever you want. It is a manual espresso machine, made in Italy, priced reasonably and also energy efficient.

Like we mentioned at the start, it is important to get a durable machine, and this is an incredibly well-made, long-lasting machine, that will have no problems with making your daily espresso.

It is priced much less than its competitors, however this is a rare case, because even though you are paying less money, you are getting a better product, with more features. It has a much more premium stainless steel finish, and unlike the others, it does not use expensive coffee pots. This means that you do not have to pay ridiculous prices to buy the expensive pods, and instead you use real coffee beans, which makes this a much more authentic item.

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UniTerra Nomad Review

The Nomad is a top quality bistro coffee maker, and it is one of our favourites. We love the fact that it is hand operated lever machine, and this reduces electricity cost, as well as giving the user the feeling that they are a professional barista. Because it gives you that feeling, at such a low price, it replaces complicated and expensive espresso machines, and it gets you more enjoyment, out of something that is a fraction of the cost. The small size and weight lets you bring your coffee habit with you to your office or wherever you travel, which is another feature we love, and you will be the most popular guy at the office if you bring this in, trust me!

Overall the authentic barista experience that this product gives you is a dealmaker for me, and our team thoroughly loved it. It is a best portable espresso machine, and it would suit any situation.


We created this article with the idea of making consumers more aware about what they are actually paying for, and we hope that our reviews will give you more knowledge on what sort of machine you want to purchase. When looking for an espresso machine make sure you always remember what you will use it for, and there is no point of getting one that can do more than you need, as well as getting one that cannot cope with the strain.