By Oliver Newton Worden--1868


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  • 1664. Thomas Worden issued in London, The Types Unveiled, or the Gospel picked out of the Legal Ceremonies. Abridged and reprinted in 1840.
  • 1676-1713. Joseph Warden (or Warder) three books about Bees. London.
  • 1749. John Warden, Edinburg. The Happiness of Edinburg Poetry?
  • 1769. John Warden, Minister of the Canongate, Edinburg. A System of Revealed Religion. London.
  • 1796. Elder Peter Worden, Cheshire, MA Letter to a Friend on Water Baptism: Lansingburg. Also a Sermon?
  • 1813-1831. David Baillie Warden, Consul for the U.S. to paris, issued six works relating to America, and one on Consular Establishments: Paris and Edinburg. In 1822, Sanuel A Elliott purchased, for Harvard University, 1200 select works of D.B. Warden, at a cost of $5,000.
  • 1817. Wm. Warden, a British surgeon, issued Bonaparte and Suite at St. Helena. Reprinted in Boston. A reply was elicited under the inspection of Bonaparte.
  • Before 1845, Warden issued a sales catalogue.
  • 1860. R.B. Warden, of Columbus: A familiar forensic View of War.
  • 1864. Alexander Warden, merchant, Dundee, The Linen Trade, analect and modern. London.
  • 1865. Worden & Howell, a Directory of Newburg.
  • 1866. O. N. Worden, Lewisburg, PA edited Life and Times of Thomas S. Sheardown, a pioneer evangelist. My political and other writings, since 1832 or '3, would fill many volumes, but are too ephemeral, and widely scattered, to be gathered.
  • Mr. A. Worden was recently an editor of Chicago Times.
  • My father, Jesse B Worden, left hundreds of sermons, and my sister Mary some miscellanies, in manuscript form.
  • Rev. Peter S. Worden and wife have made valued contributions to the religious literature of the day.
  • 1831-1908. Rufus Rypha Worden wrote his History of the Worden and Thayer Families for his son in 1905.
  • 1904-1994. Zaida Marie Worden Ross compiled much of the Worden Family History found in my database of persons and she wrote numerous biographraphical sketches, including an homage to her parents and pioneer life on the Kansas Prairie and a piece on the Wordens from Coast to Coast: the Descendants of Rufus Rypha Worden included on this site from 1975.
  • Source: Worden Family Record
    by O.N. Worden. 1868

    Page 22, Paper Covered Edition.

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