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Nichiren Shonin (1222-1282)

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Nichiren in painting Kuniyoshi, 'Nichiren's prayer for rain answered at Ryozengasaki, Kamakura, 1271' from the series 'The life of priest Nichiren,' Tenpo2 (1831)

Authentic Writings from Nichiren DaiShonin

Revisiting Nichiren JJRS Fall 1999
An Excellent Biographical Resource!!!

Child of Hieizan
Life of Nichiren Ryuei
The Izu Exile Nichiren
Encyclopedia Britannica
Letter from Echi Nichiren
Banishment to Sado Nichiren
Footsteps of Nichiren Photos
Nichiren's Tooth An Interview
Theosophy Teachers: Nichiren
Letter from Teradomari Nichiren
Nichiren the Lover at Urth Caffe
Temples Associated with Nichiren
On the Buddha's Behavior Nichiren
Ongoing Issues in Scholarship Stone
Persecution at Tatsunokuchi Nichiren Nichiren Buddhism
Persecution by Sword & Staff Nichiren
Biographical Studies of Nichiren Stone
Six Senior Disciples of Nichiren Ryuei
The Pictoral Life of Saint Nichiren NShu
Nichiren Shonin's View of Humanity Asai
Nichiren's View of Nation & Religion Sato
On the Passing of Nichiren Daishonin Kubota
World Culture: Japanese Buddhism: Nichiren
NEW A 12 Step Program for Nichiren Buddhists
On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha Nichiren
Nichiren & Others on the Pure Land Coffeehouse
Nichiren's Attitude toward Esoteric Buddhism Dolce
Japantimes Leaves Left by the Divine Wind 4/18/01
Nichirenist Exclusivism in Historical Perspective Stone
Sazanka blooms where Nichiren preached in Kamakura 11/25/00

Camphor wood carving of Nitiren made by Zuiun Matsuda

Nichiren Shonin's hermitage on Mt Minubo est. 1274

Nichiren: Leader of Buddhist Reformation in Japan by J.A. Christensen, published by NBIC. Paperback Mar 2001.
Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra (Brill's Japanese Studies Library) by Lucia Dora Dolce Hardcover Nov 2002.
Selected Writings of Nichiren (Translations from the Oriental Classics) by Nichiren, Philip B. Yampolsky (Editor), Burton Watson (Translator). Hardcover July 1990.
Letters of Nichiren (Translations from the Asian Classics) by Nichiren, Burton Watson (Translator), Philip B. Yampolsky (Editor). Hardcover May 1996.

Nichiren Nichiren's feminine side ;-}

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